Five Year Plan


This is a key document for the future of the diocese of Rulenge-Ngara and its people in the next five years.
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Spiritual Development

Rationale for Church’s Involvement in Development Word

This section seeks to explain the reasons why the church involves herself in development work along with pastoral activities and services.

Development in a Christian Context

Man has the responsibility to take care of God’s creation. Man has the authority and mission to fulfill this responsibility.  (Genesis 1:26-28 and Luke 4:18-23). Therefore, the development of people has the Church’s close attention particularly the development of those who are striving to escape from hunger, diseases, misery and ignorance.  Also those who are looking for wider share in the benefits of civilization and more active improvement of their human qualities.

Development Policy

Profile of Rulenge-Ngara Diocese Development Office

Rulenge-Ngara Diocesan Development Office (Rudido) is charged with the responsibility of coordinating and supporting all the social and economic development programs in the diocese. The main functions of this office include provision of technical mentoring and facilitation of planning processes, monitoring and evaluation interventions. The creation of this office came up as a result of the need to enhance the impact of community development initiatives at various levels and in particular at the beneficiary level.

The initial coverage of Rudido activities will be all the area under Rulenge-Ngara Diocese which covers three ecclesiastical deaneries namely, Chato, Ngara and Biharamulo. The majority (on average 90%) of the population in this area live in the rural areas where the conditions of living are generally poor. 

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