History of the Diocese

History of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Rulenge-Ngara

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Rulenge-Ngara is  located in the Ecclesiastical Province of Mwanza in Tanzania. Formerly, Rulenge-Ngara Diocese was a part of Rulenge Diocese that was originally a part of Bukoba Diocese. The Diocese of Bukoba  was first established as an Apostolic Vicariate of Bukoba from the Diocese of Tabora in Tanganyika and an Apostolic Vicariate of Uganda in Uganda on April 8, 1929. It was raised to the status of a Diocese on December 13, 1951 and the part of Bukoba Diocese that would later form a major part of Rulenge Diocese was renamed as Lower Kagera (Rutabo Diocese) under the late Bishop Alfred Lanctot, M.Afr. 
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