Justice and Peace

Conflict resolution by peaceful means - a training for parish priests in Biharamulo

From the 19th to the 21th of july the parish priests of Rulenge-Ngara diocese were invited to follow a training about conflict resolution by peaceful means in Biharamulo. Objective of the training was to improve the personal skills in peace building and reconciliation for the daily work in the parishes. The respect of human rights and the importance of inter- religious dialoge were also subjects of the three days training, organized by the dioceseon Justice and Peace department and facilitated by Fr. Innocent Minani, the executive secretary.
In a second step, Justice and Peace department will also train the members of the Justice and Peace comites at parish level to able them to assist the priests in promoting peace and reconciliation in the communities and the families.

Justice and Peace


The Justice and Peace programme is an attempt to address, in a more focused manner but with integrated interventions some sensitive and fundamental issues that suffocate comprehensive salvation of people

The programme identifies major development challenges within the context of justice and peace spheres in view of addressing other development phenomena beyond the conventional ones. These new development fields have subsequently led to the definition of programme areas of focus that automatically resulted in seven specific projects under justice and peace programme namely:

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