The catholic church of Rulenge-Ngara diocese has devoted its energy and resources to deliver health care services to the people of Rulenge-Ngara diocese for over 60 years now.
Health is part of God's plan, it is a part of evangelization and pastoral care, and it comes from what Jesus said and did himself to his contemporaries and commanded his disciples to do.

The catholic Diocese of Rulenge-Ngara owns and operates 6 health facilities distributed in three deaneries namely: Biharamulo, Chato and Ngara.. Among the twelve, 4 are Hospitals 1 health center 7 dispensaries.

The Rulenge-Ngara diocesan health program had a long-term plan of Five years starting from 2002 to 2006; it is now engaging in another 5years plan 2008-2012.

Past performance

There are remarkable things that have been done in the ending period such as:
  • Sustaining government collaboration in term of resource contribution
  • Training of more than 86 staffs,
  • Drug procurement and supply management
  • Renovation and construction of new buildings in some facilities
  • HIV/AIDS control initiatives
  • Reproductive health
  • Strengthening of Diocesan coordinating office as well as

Major challenges

However, there are few challenges that we met in implementing the last five years plan. Among the challenges are:
  • Inadequate and turnovers of the health personnel
  • Inappropriate medical infrastructure and working facilities.
  • Persistence of endemic diseases such as malaria and HIV/AIDS
  • The Coordination office to depend on outside donors for more than 80% and the Health facilities for more than 60%;  
This revised strategic plan is trying to address the challenges that the diocesan health program faces in terms of financial, technical, materials and organizational capacity. It is also taking into account the need for sustainability and provision of quality health services.

The way forward

Implementations of this plan will facilitate achievement of the healing mission of Jesus Christ through:
  • Improving infrastructure and construction of new structures 
  • Drugs and Hospital Equipments
  • Improving prevention services
  • Strengthening HIV/AIDS and Malaria control initiatives
  • Strengthening government collaboration
  • Enhancing human resource management and development
  • Institutional capacity building and coordination

Responsable persons

Sister Mariana Clemence
Phone contact: