Justice and Peace


The Justice and Peace programme is an attempt to address, in a more focused manner but with integrated interventions some sensitive and fundamental issues that suffocate comprehensive salvation of people

The programme identifies major development challenges within the context of justice and peace spheres in view of addressing other development phenomena beyond the conventional ones. These new development fields have subsequently led to the definition of programme areas of focus that automatically resulted in seven specific projects under justice and peace programme namely:

  • Human Rights Advocacy
  • Reconciliation and Peace Building
  • Jali Watoto and Anti-stigma campaign
  • Food Security
  • Land and Resource Rights
  • Rural Income Improvement
  • Gender Based Violence and HIV/AIDS Control

The programme seeks to combine several integrated development interventions that aim at making local and international communities safe and friendly, free of oppression, and supportive to equitable access to development opportunities.

Past performance (2001-2006)

  • To strengthen structures for justice and Peace at deanery and parish levels.
  • To provide mass education particularly on Justice and Peace through radio Kwizera
  • Restructuring of Justice and Peace commission to form a more comprehensive and well coordinated Justice and Peace programme

Summary of Major Challenges

  • Vulnerability of various social groups
  • Rampant human rights abuse
  • Land ownership and utilisation bottlenecks
  • Environmental degradation
  • Limited Community management capacity
  • Household Food and Income insecurity
  • Refugees impact 

The way forward

  • Establishing advocacy of human rights and Strategic fighting against all forms of social injustices and addressing relevant cross cutting issues of public concern that suffocate freedom of various social groups
  • Facilitating creation of free and enabling environment for peace and reconciliation interactions among various social groups with disagreeing ideologies and stands at all levels
  • Improving access of individuals and groups who are victims of gender based violence to instant and affordable support that aim at restoration of the unlawfully denied rights and opportunities.
  • Ensuring survival, protection, and support for delivering people from economic and environmental vulnerability as well as food insecurity.

Responsable persons

Father Honoratus Ndaula
C/o Biharamulo Catholic Parish
P.O.Box 3,