Social Communications


The Social Communications Programme has existed in Rulenge Diocese since 1960.  The raison d’etre of the programme is to enhance the means of communication in the Diocese so as to ensure access to knowledge and information in the mission of announcing the good news of salvation to all people and the enhancement of socio economic services.

Past Performance

The programme has been able to educate and inform the public on various issues through a Diocesan newsletter (which is no longer in circulation), announcements, Newspapers, books and other reading materials, audio as well as audio-visual materials.

The programme has made efforts to be a self-supporting unit by running a Bookshop and a Canteen.  

Major challenges

  • Inadequate resources
  • Low coverage of radio Kwizera
  • The big size of the Diocese of Rulenge-Ngara and poor infrastructure
  • Limited human resource capacity.

The way forward

To strengthen the programme coordination capacity in terms of resource mobilization, management and service delivery

Responsable persons

Father Ivus Tindyebwa
Phone contact: +255784499957